Friday, November 30, 2012

WOW: Spiderman #700, coming soon!

      What are the odds? Spider-man #700 being released at the very end of 2012, which also marks the 50th birthday for old Spidey. It truly is a story book ending, and a hell of an ending it will be. If you have been fortunate enough to be following the recent stories leading up to the big 700, you'd know that things aren't looking to bright for Peter Parker (as if they ever do). The advertisements suggest this is the "end" of Spider-man and judging how the stories are currently trending, the "end" is certainly near. But for confirmed answers you'll just have to purchase the comic on December 26th, as well as #699 on December 5th, or mooch of your friend. As for now, here is the confirmed cover of #700, enjoy.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Green Lantern's Light: Something New (Part 5 of 5)

“The Guardians of the Universe are planning to replace us with something else. Something called the Third Army.”

-       Sinestro, Green Lantern #11 (New 52)

In August of 2011, Geoff Johns released the mini-series titled Flashpoint, which essentially created a new multi-verse now called the “New 52”. In this Universe, 52 new comic series were created, all reverting back to issue #1 and returning most of their classic characters to their early years. One character and comic series in particular though only reverted the issue number to #1, but retained the story, continuing from the series which began in 2005, Green Lantern.

Geoff Johns continues his run on GL, beginning where issue 67 of the previous series left off: Sinestro returning to the Green Lantern Corps and Hal Jordan being banned from it. It doesn’t take long for Sinestro to disobey the orders of the Guardians and retrieve Hal Jordan to help him save his home world. Johns kicks off the series with many great arcs, which reflect the work done on the previous series. From Sinestro and Jordan battling an army of Sinestro Corps members on his home world, to learning the secret origins of the Indigo Tribe, to the return of Black Hand from Blackest Night, there is certainly no shortage of entertainment in this series so far.

We are currently in the middle of a substantial plot, affecting all Green Lantern series called “Rise of the Third Army”, which details the Guardians plan to wipe out the Corps and replace them with new creatures unable to express emotion or disobey order; essentially the perfect soldiers and soldiers that will not be easily defeated. GL is currently focusing on a new member of the Corps while the whereabouts of Sinestro and Jordan remain unknown and with the added success of the Green Lantern Animated Series, the character and the comics will only increase in popularity. Geoff Johns and many other writers who’ve worked on the franchise have proven time and time again that Green Lantern has surely claimed his rightful place among the top heroes in the DC Universe.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Green Lantern's Light: Rebirth (Part 4 of 5)

“You have been chosen for one reason, among many others. You are a man that will overcome great fear. Hal Jordan of Earth- do you accept this duty?”

-       Abin Sur, Green Lantern #1 (2005)

Geoff Johns, superstar comic book writer, is renowned for his new interpretations on classic characters like Barry Allen’s Flash, Aquaman and Hal Jordan. Johns’ Rebirth detailed the rebuilding of the Green Lantern Corps, with two Lanterns stationed on a sector. His most daunting task of all was to revive Hal Jordan; a character now lost, literally, in the essence of the Spectre, the spirit of vengeance. Rebirth begins where GL comics ended, with Kyle Rayner patrolling the 3600 known sectors solo, as John Stewart remains on Earth as a member of the Justice League. The Spectre is becoming more prominent in the story as Sinestro looks to unleash his ultimate weapon.

     Johns warped the origins of Hal Jordan’s descent into darkness, explaining how it was an alien entity created entirely of fear energy, which saw the revenge and loss in Jordan after Coast City was destroyed, and decided to cash in on its opportunity. Overall, Johns created an almost perfect story and an even better Green Lantern story and single-handedly revived the greatest Lantern and displayed the importance of his presence in the DC universe, comparing him to the greatest heroes and proving he is just as good, if not better at saving the world.

    Johns and artist Carlos Pacheco launched the new GL series in 2005, continuing the plot from the end of Rebirth and returning the focus of the series entirely on Jordan. Some alterations were made, especially to villains like Hector Hammond and Black Hand. With other artists joining the series, like Ivan Reis and Doug Manke, the series took off making Green Lantern as well known and popular in the hearts of fans as Superman or Batman. The 2005 GL series created some of the best story arcs in modern comics.