Friday, June 29, 2012

Wallpaper Of The Week: 3 "Amazing" Screenshots

      Here are just three of my favorite screenshots from the recently released Amazing Spiderman game. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Smallville: Top 5 Of Season One

     I miss Smallville, plain and simple. I know I talked a lot about how most of the final seasons were unnecessary (first article “Smallville: Less Is More, check it out), but as I stare at the ten seasons sitting upon my shelf, collecting dust, I wish I could sit on my couch every Friday night and watch new episodes. But instead of sulking over what will never return I have decided to honor what will never be forgotten by choosing my top five episodes of each season (it’s the least I can do). I will go in depth, analyze, critique them and cherish them. Here they are, the top 5 episodes from Smallville season one.

      The first of many times throughout the series where Clark unknowingly uses his abilities in front of witnesses, only this time, it’s a cop, ready to blackmail Clark and make him do whatever he says or the secrets out. We see Clark ready to kill a man with his bare hands, and he almost does too. It gives us a true look at what a teenaged Clark Kent would have to go through in order to protect his secret, and what people like Phelon would do to exploit it. Eventually, Clark is able to keep his secret under wraps and frame Phelon for robbery in the process, atta boy Clark!
Favorite Moment: Lex Luthor watches security footage of the bank Clark and Phelon visited the night before and he spots something interesting, something speeding down the hall… a blur.

      Clark’s class is taking a field trip to the Luthor Corp fertilizer plant recently established in Smallville, but unaware to the students is a crazed, meteor-infected ex-employee, suffering from severe seizures and quakes, and searching for Level 3 of the building, which apparently doesn’t exist. It’s a good thing the class has Clark there to protect them, unfortunately whenever Clark comes within a few meters of Earl, he is affected by the meteor rock’s radiation. Now a weakened Clark must find Level 3, prove it’s existence, and save his classmates, all while keeping his distance from Earl, but not without the help of his best bud Lex Luthor. Clark is left powerless for one of the first times in the series and must even use a great amount of strength to save his friends, even with the crippling radiation of the meteor rocks.
Favorite Moment: Earl begins to shake along a railing, which collapses forcing Clark to summon all of his strength to save Lex and Earl. Even I questioned how he did it with “kryptonite” close by.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Have You Read: Batman Knightfall

      Knightfall is the brilliant story, written by Doug Moench and Chuck Dixon, about Batman confronting his greatest adversaries, but one who is his equal, his better. Knighfall is split into three parts: Broken Bat, Who Rules The Night and Knightsend. Created in the early 90’s, DC Comics and Batman were at their best; their art was unmatchable and their stories were thrilling as ever.
     Broken Bat gives you a glimpse at Batman in his weakest moments. With Arkham Asylum practically destroyed Gotham’s most vial criminals are free to wreak havoc throughout the city and Batman is left to stop them, alone. Over the course of the many issues in part one, Batman grows increasingly exhausted until he finally reaches his breaking point, and Bane. Who Rules The Night focuses on the point of view of Tim Drake’s Robin who is forced to work alongside Bruce’s replacement, Jean Paul Valley, after Bruce’s unfortunate accident battling Bane. Unfortunately, this new Batman appears even more aggressive and heartless then the original, and adding high-tech upgrades to his suit poses him as an even greater threat. Robin is left to put an end to Jean Paul’s madness, until the original Dark Knight Returns. Batman is forced to defeat Azrael after he defeated Bane in Knightsend. Nightwing and Robin aid him in battle, but it is ultimately Batman’s responsibility to vanquish a foe even Bane could not defeat.

       Knightfall is one of those great Batman tales that will stick with you forever. You see the Dark Knight at his weakest and at his strongest along with an all-star cast of guest villains like Joker, Scarecrow and Poison Ivy, along with guest heroes such as Nightwing and Robin. Trust me when I tell you that Knightfall is one story you wont want to miss. The battle of Bane! The battle of the Batmen! Check it out!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Wallpaper Of The Week: Arkham City!!!

        The other day I was in a bit of a dilemma; I wanted to play a game on my 360, problem is COD is getting a little repetitive and i've pretty much started a 'Be a GM" as every team in NHL 12. Then I came across Batman: Arkham City. Sure, I've already beaten the game and found virtually every Riddler trophy, but there is something about this game that will never get repetitive, that will never bore me, that makes me feel like i truly am the Dark Knight. So, in honor of what is (in my opinion, and many fans like me) one of the greatest videogames ever created, I have compiled my three favorite wallpapers (out of the thousands of cool ones out there) taken from Arkham City. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What If: The Amazing Spider-Man Tackled The Symbiote?

      Spiderman 3 left a bad taste in everyone’s mouths, the action and effects were there but the story was not, so when I ask: what if The Amazing Spiderman movie franchise dives into the symbiote story, it sparks some curiousness.

       Spiderman 2 set everything in place for a great sequel, a sequel that would involve the symbiote. If only they had followed in the footsteps of the great 90’s animated series and told the saga their way. The second film established John Jameson, the astronaut, as a character and gave us a cliffhanger showing that Harry Osborn would become the next Green Goblin. The sequel had so much potential following what is said to be one of the greatest superhero films of all time, which may have been the problem. In several interviews with the producers of Spidey 3, it was stressed that they “didn’t want to do the whole astronaut thing” and that the symbiote should just be a “it came from outer space” thing and that it needed no real explanation… oh okay…wait, WHAT? The pieces were there, use John Jameson, substitute Sandman’s subplot to focus on telling the true origin of the symbiote and you have a successful third Spidey film and we don’t have a reboot five years later.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Have You Read: Marvel Civil War

If you’re a fan of comic book “epics”, graphic novel sized stories and tales that take your favorite classic characters and pit them against each other in an original story called Marvel: Civil War.

Civil War is, in my opinion, one of the greatest Marvel tales ever told. This very unique story gathers heroes and villains from across the entire Marvel Universe and integrates them into a brand new story. The basic synopsis of the story involves the government and SHIELD requesting that all superheroes reveal their identities to the world and register with the government. This put the many heroes in a bit of a dilemma. People like Ironman and Mr. Fantastic quickly side with SHEILD, while others like Captain America and Luke Cage decide to become fugitives and rebel against the registration. All of the heroes must choose a side, pitting friends and family against one another in the Marvel Civil War.

If my quick description of the story didn’t persuade you then maybe by telling you this great comic saga includes: the battles of Ironman and Spider-man, Ironman and Cap, an all out war between the heroes of the Marvel Universe, Peter Parker revealing his secret identity to the world and the first appearance of the “Iron Spider” armor designed by Tony Stark, would make up your mind. All of this great action would not have been as great as it is if it weren’t for the tremendous artwork of Steve McNivan, Dexter Vines and Morry Hollowell, along with the superb storytelling by Mark Millar.

-   Spider-man battles Ironman in his newly created Iron Spider costume.
-       Cap and dozens of heroes become criminals in the eyes of SHEILD.
-       This epic ends with an all out showdown between Ironman and Captain America.

Trust me, your opinion of the Marvel Universe will change forever after you read Civil War, but more importantly, the Marvel Universe itself will change after Civil War… check it out, true believers! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wallpaper Of The Week: Marvel Civil War

       The other day i was gong through my comic book collection, trying to get some ideas for a "Wallpaper Of The Week", which led me to Marvel's Civil War, one of my personal favorites from the Marvel Universe. So here are just three wallpapers from the Civil War story arc. Enjoy!