Friday, September 21, 2012

Justice League: Fantasy Roster

      Speculation increases, as time draws us closer to the expected release of the Justice League film in 2015, as to what the exact lineup of heroes will be. Factoring together obvious names, heroes that could co-exist, and characters right for the times, I’ve comprised a short list of heroes who could be featured in the film:

Clark Kent/ Superman:
      The Man Of Steel movie has been announced as the last DC film until 2015. This begs the question as to whether DC will follow the route of the Avengers franchise, by featuring most characters in a solo film first, or jump right into JL in 2015. Rumors aim towards the ladder, which makes me realize that Superman may be the main character out of the team, as he should be. Much like Ironman who received two films while his fellow heroes only received one prior to Avengers, Superman may be the star of the show in JL if he is in fact the only one getting a solo film before it.  The movie may feature some recruiting making Superman the recruiter being the only hero that will “exist” at the beginning of the film.
      While Batman and the Flash have the larger rogue’s galleries, Superman’s are more built for planetary destruction, which could pose a threat to the entire team. Zod is the announced villain for the Man Of Steel leaving some choices like Brainiac, Darkseid and Apokolips or Mongul and War World. If Superman’s villains are used in the movie then he will undoubtedly be the central focus. While the idea of an attack from Apokolips or War World would be a spectacle to behold on the big screen, I think they should stay away from the “invasion” motif (to which the Avengers used) and perhaps create stories more emotional and self-involving (meaning the only alien planet mentioned should be Krypton, and maybe Oa). I’ve always envisioned a battle with Superman and the rest of the JL. Perhaps Superman (under mind control, Poison Ivy dust etc.) becomes an enemy of the JLA and is forced to battle his teammates. The Red Son?! That would be more engaging to fans then just a big alien invasion. We’ll see.

Diana Prince/ Wonderwoman:
      As much as I enjoy the fact they may be skipping the solo films to jump directly into JL, I feel that Wonderwoman’s origin is one of the many that shouldn’t be rushed. A summary should at least be made if that’s the case, but to save a lot of time I thin k she should already “exist” when the movie begins but maybe arrives in the “man’s world” for the first time. The casting for her part will need to be precise. I strong female price is needed considering she is the only female member of the League. So the guys who say, “Megan Fox would be an awesome Wonderwoman” are wrong. Seeing as she is the second strongest character of the team her role in the film’s battles will be pivotal especially if Superman does turn out to be the main adversary. But that is all speculation at this point.

Barry Allen or Wally West or even Bart Allen/ The Flash
      Yes, there have been three men who have donned the Flash persona in recent years, all of which have similar personalities and could be fit onto the film. The main choice would be Barry Allen, considering his is the oldest character out of the three and most relatable to the rest of the team, dating back to the Silver Age. But if the writers want him to represent a young, inexperienced hero then Wally or Bart would be the obvious choices because both are irresponsible.
     As I mentioned in my previous Flash article, his origins are pretty cool, but I understand that if they don’t have the time for it they wont explain it. I’ve recently thought of the Justice League cartoon’s first episode; how Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and the Flash were already heroes and only several other’s origins needed to be briefly explained. Perhaps an approach more along those lines would be more properly suited for the film. The best Flash stories are when he exerts himself to his physical and emotional limits, which mostly involves saving the world or universe even. The character could really shine on the big screen if the creators choose to experiment with a scene like that.

John Stewart or Kyle Rayner/ Green Lantern
      I’ve always pictured John Stewart or Kyle Rayner as GL in a JL movie. And by “always” I mean after I saw the Green Lantern film in 2011. It was a good effort at a great story. I didn’t hate it with a passion like the majority of the public, but I didn’t love it either. It was a less then reputable casting job; Hal Jordan was never that funny, which is why I thought Ryan Reynolds would be perfect for the Flash. By using Stewart or Rayner in the JL movie this could free up Reynolds to play the Flash, and break all assumed ties to the GL movie. Rayner would bring a young aspect, much like the Flash and he’s got a lot of heart, but Stewart brings a tougher edge to the team and would make him the only African-American member of the team.

Bruce Wayne/ Batman:
       I see Bruce Wayne being in this movie in a number of different scenarios, but instead of dwelling on every single one, as I tend to do often, I’ll just shorten them up and show you in point-form:
- Christian Bale or “you know who” for those who’ve seen TDKR appears in a short 10-15 min cameo appearance to maybe save the day at the end or something like that.
- Restart with someone new; a new actor and a new Bruce Wayne character having no connection what so ever to the Nolan films.
- Or, worst case, don’t include Batman at all. Believe it or not Batman wasn’t an original member of the League, but like every other fan, I want Batman, familiar or new, in the JL movie. (I just want to a see a showdown between Superman and Batman on the big screen, Dark Knight Returns/ Hush style… maybe, hopefully).

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