Monday, October 15, 2012

I Just Want a Good JLA Game!

​      I've recently discovered the iPad/iPhone app: Justice League by netmarble. A fun, interactive game that allows you playable access of the five main heroes: Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, The Flash and Green Lantern, each equipped with three additional costumes and skill add-ons. The best part about this fun little game is the fact that you can run around in a closed off city, fighting henchmen and battling the villain at the end of each map. This may not seem so attractive to the fan who wants the complex, "thinking man's game", but it sure could act as a starting point. One game that accurately reflects the look, style and gameplay feel of the app was Justice League: Heroes, released a few years back. The premise was almost the same, but with slightly better graphics. I've enjoyed playing this app, unlocking costumes and upgrading my character's skills more then I should, which can only mean that this game got something right. 
​      The reason I'm going on about this little game is because I like the way it was made. After hearing about the release of Injustice:Gods Among Us, and after realizing the game would feel like DC vs. MC or street fighter, I was, least to say, very disappointed. It looks as though it has good graphics, could be enjoyable, but repetitive, even more so then the app. 
​      When I picture a game based around the Justice League or any other characters of the DCU, I picture an game epic, the likes of which would astound any fanboy who plays it. The creators of these games can learn from legendary superhero games like the Arkham's or even Lego Batman. The combination of level-based gameplay with open-world environments would be fun as any member of the League, and adding a good storyline (maybe even a classic from the comics like Crisis) and challenging villains would only increase it's popularity. Sure, for now I'm fine with the Street Fighter style, but I want a game that accurately captures what it's like to be a hero in the DCU. Oh, and I know of the existence of the DC Universe game for PS3 and computers, but I'm an Xbox guy myself, and I want me some new, innovative JLA action!

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