Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wallpaper of The Week: Farewell, Young Justice & Green Lantern

        Last weekend, two great DC animated series ended before their time, which left us with the immediate need for more. Each series left us with a fitting end, but not without providing some cliffhangers into what would have been another great season from each series, unfortunately, this will never happen. In their places, we will be given Teen Titans Go!, a wacky, Japanese-styled show, similar to the original Teen Titans TV series several years ago, but even more kid-friendly, unfortunately. On the plus side, we're given our first new Batman show since the end of The Brave and The Bold back in November of 2011, titled: Beware The Batman, which will return Batman to his darker roots and will use a similar animation style to Green Lantern. While I am somewhat excited for the new shows, I may never get over the loss of two of DC's finest series since the end Justice League Unlimited. All I can do now is honor them in my Wallpaper of The Week, but not even this will bring them back, only remind us of two shows that could have been so much more. Enjoy!

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