Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Robin's Highlights In Comics

     Whether it was Dick Grayson, Tim Drake or any other boy wonder, the Robin character has a had a rich history in the DC Comics Universe and in that history he has had some memorable moments. I do realize that I’ve already dedicated an article to all of the Robins, but I couldn’t help myself, he’s just such an awesome character and he’s been in almost as many legendary Batman comics as the Dark Knight himself. So think of this article as a “tribute” to the greatest sidekick of all time, who is also one of my favorite characters in comics and he should be one of yours as well. I’ll begin with the original…

     When I think of Dick Grayson as Robin, I cant recall any big time stories that he’s been a part of, but I do know that, other then Batman, he’s been featured in the most Batman stories. Grayson left the role as Batman’s sidekick and became leader of the original Teen Titans for many years. Grayson did appear in the Red Robin persona in the Kingdom Come storyline and was the hero, Nightwing, for Knightfall, Hush and many other popular tales across the DC Universe. He recently took over the position as Batman during the Dark Knight's "death" but he has reverted back to the role of Nightwing after Bruce was brought back to life, but those Batman and Robin comics, with Grayson as Batman and Damian Wayne as Robin, sure were cool.

     Jason Todd: lead character in “A Death In The Family”, which you should all know about by now and if you don’t, you should definitely check it out. The character recently appeared in the Hush storyline and was revealed to be the Hush character himself. And in the return of the Red Hood he was revealed to have been brought back to life and took over the role formally played by the Joker.

     Tim Drake is another story. He has been part of the Bat-Family since “A Lonely Place Of Dying”, which took place shortly after Jason Todd’s death. When the Dark Knight was in a state of enormous emotional stress, a young fan of the vigilante (Drake) used his advanced detective skills to deduce the secret identity of Batman. He realized that Batman needed the positive attitude and partnership of a sidekick like Robin. Drake’s only goal after that was to find Nightwing and persuade him to become Robin again. When he refused the request it was up to Tim to take up the mantle as the Boy Wonder and become the Caped Crusader’s newest partner against crime. In 1993, the Knightfall saga began with a massive breakout of Arkham lead by Bane. This caused Batman a lot of tress which eventually lead to the breaking of his spine, thanks to Bane. It was then that young Tim became a pivotal part in the Knightfall storyline. He was forced to work alongside a new Batman until Bruce recovered from his injury, but Drake’s real task was to keep the new Batman from doing anything the original wouldn’t, like kill. Tim Drake was given his own comic series as Robin and even had his own series when he took over the persona of Red Robin in 2009.

     This article wasn’t meant to persuade you to become fans of the Boy Wonder, but merely to inform you of his great accomplishments and involvement in the greatest Batman stories. When you think about it, Robin has saved Batman’s life countless times, and that deserves some credit. Like “A Lonely Place Of Dying “ states, the Batman needs a Robin, and as comic fans, so do we.

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