Saturday, June 23, 2012

Have You Read: Batman Knightfall

      Knightfall is the brilliant story, written by Doug Moench and Chuck Dixon, about Batman confronting his greatest adversaries, but one who is his equal, his better. Knighfall is split into three parts: Broken Bat, Who Rules The Night and Knightsend. Created in the early 90’s, DC Comics and Batman were at their best; their art was unmatchable and their stories were thrilling as ever.
     Broken Bat gives you a glimpse at Batman in his weakest moments. With Arkham Asylum practically destroyed Gotham’s most vial criminals are free to wreak havoc throughout the city and Batman is left to stop them, alone. Over the course of the many issues in part one, Batman grows increasingly exhausted until he finally reaches his breaking point, and Bane. Who Rules The Night focuses on the point of view of Tim Drake’s Robin who is forced to work alongside Bruce’s replacement, Jean Paul Valley, after Bruce’s unfortunate accident battling Bane. Unfortunately, this new Batman appears even more aggressive and heartless then the original, and adding high-tech upgrades to his suit poses him as an even greater threat. Robin is left to put an end to Jean Paul’s madness, until the original Dark Knight Returns. Batman is forced to defeat Azrael after he defeated Bane in Knightsend. Nightwing and Robin aid him in battle, but it is ultimately Batman’s responsibility to vanquish a foe even Bane could not defeat.

       Knightfall is one of those great Batman tales that will stick with you forever. You see the Dark Knight at his weakest and at his strongest along with an all-star cast of guest villains like Joker, Scarecrow and Poison Ivy, along with guest heroes such as Nightwing and Robin. Trust me when I tell you that Knightfall is one story you wont want to miss. The battle of Bane! The battle of the Batmen! Check it out!

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