Thursday, June 21, 2012

What If: The Amazing Spider-Man Tackled The Symbiote?

      Spiderman 3 left a bad taste in everyone’s mouths, the action and effects were there but the story was not, so when I ask: what if The Amazing Spiderman movie franchise dives into the symbiote story, it sparks some curiousness.

       Spiderman 2 set everything in place for a great sequel, a sequel that would involve the symbiote. If only they had followed in the footsteps of the great 90’s animated series and told the saga their way. The second film established John Jameson, the astronaut, as a character and gave us a cliffhanger showing that Harry Osborn would become the next Green Goblin. The sequel had so much potential following what is said to be one of the greatest superhero films of all time, which may have been the problem. In several interviews with the producers of Spidey 3, it was stressed that they “didn’t want to do the whole astronaut thing” and that the symbiote should just be a “it came from outer space” thing and that it needed no real explanation… oh okay…wait, WHAT? The pieces were there, use John Jameson, substitute Sandman’s subplot to focus on telling the true origin of the symbiote and you have a successful third Spidey film and we don’t have a reboot five years later.

     Recently, The Amazing Spiderman videogame hinted that there may be appearances made by Dr. Octavious and the symbiote in either future games or films of this franchise, and since this game takes place only days after the final events of the film, this speculation could be very accurate. Personally, I would love for this new Spiderman universe to take a crack at the Venom Saga; my only concern is how they would go about doing it. In order to avoid falling into the same trap as Spidey 3, they would need to go into descriptive detail about the symbiote’s origins (I know we all know it anyway, but we still want to see it on the big screen). In order to effectively tell the story they should divide it up amongst two films, the first focusing on the origins and Spiderman in his black suit, and the second focusing more on the villainous Venom himself. Peter also appears to be a little “cooler” in this film, so if he’s going to be in that black suit, make him even cooler, with a rebellious teenaged attitude as well. Oh and don’t make him anything like Spidey 3’s version. If they need reference, they need look no further then the Peter Parker from the 90’s animated series; a great example of how he should look and act in the suit. Each film would contain a secondary villain, but someone with a simple back-story like the Vulture or Shocker (who appeared in the animated version of the Venom Saga). I wouldn’t be surprised if they somehow tied the origin of the symbiote to Peter’s father (like in the Ultimate Spiderman comics, check’em out issues 33-39) but more so because these movies seem to be centering their attention around the mystery of Peter’s parents.

       So, I’ve pretty much answered my own question, providing a descent scenario where the symbiote appears in these new films. If done correctly, The Amazing Spiderman will successfully tackle the symbiote. Until next time, true believers!

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