Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Have You Read: Marvel Civil War

If you’re a fan of comic book “epics”, graphic novel sized stories and tales that take your favorite classic characters and pit them against each other in an original story called Marvel: Civil War.

Civil War is, in my opinion, one of the greatest Marvel tales ever told. This very unique story gathers heroes and villains from across the entire Marvel Universe and integrates them into a brand new story. The basic synopsis of the story involves the government and SHIELD requesting that all superheroes reveal their identities to the world and register with the government. This put the many heroes in a bit of a dilemma. People like Ironman and Mr. Fantastic quickly side with SHEILD, while others like Captain America and Luke Cage decide to become fugitives and rebel against the registration. All of the heroes must choose a side, pitting friends and family against one another in the Marvel Civil War.

If my quick description of the story didn’t persuade you then maybe by telling you this great comic saga includes: the battles of Ironman and Spider-man, Ironman and Cap, an all out war between the heroes of the Marvel Universe, Peter Parker revealing his secret identity to the world and the first appearance of the “Iron Spider” armor designed by Tony Stark, would make up your mind. All of this great action would not have been as great as it is if it weren’t for the tremendous artwork of Steve McNivan, Dexter Vines and Morry Hollowell, along with the superb storytelling by Mark Millar.

-   Spider-man battles Ironman in his newly created Iron Spider costume.
-       Cap and dozens of heroes become criminals in the eyes of SHEILD.
-       This epic ends with an all out showdown between Ironman and Captain America.

Trust me, your opinion of the Marvel Universe will change forever after you read Civil War, but more importantly, the Marvel Universe itself will change after Civil War… check it out, true believers! 

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