Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy 50th: Spider-Man's Best Artists

      I'd been trying to collect the correct words to describe why each of the greatest Spiderman artists are, well, great, then it hit me. These are artists, some of the best in both Spiderman and Marvel comics' history so i figured i should let their art work do the talking for them. Please enjoy samples of comic art from legends such as John Romita, Steve Ditko and more.
Steve Ditko started us off as the first Spidey artist,
And he set the bar pretty high too.
John Romita was next in line. If Ditko "created" the look of
Spidey's world, then Romita perfected it, creating
designs that are still referenced today.

Todd McFarlane is most famous for drawing the Webhead in ridiculous,
but awesome detail and finally living up to the phrase
"does whatever a spider can", by placing Spiderman into near impossible poses.
John Romita Jr. draws the perfect Spiderman. His art seems to stand out
as one of the better more detailed Spideys in his comic history. JR.JR
is certainly among the best of Spidey's artists.
Mark Bagley was part of a group who "re-envisioned" Spidey's world
in Ultimate Spiderman. Without him, the series wouldn't have looked as
unique and modern as it did.
      There have been many artists given the incredible responsibility to envision the world of this classic character, and all have done well. These artists hold great power in their art and with great power comes great responsibility. "Nuff Said"
   Doomsday &Beyond continues to celebrate Spidey's 50th birthday by examining Spiderman's best movie, so stat tuned.


  1. Love the last picture, really captures the agony of trying to remove the symbiote (excuse my spelling)

    1. Oh for sure. There's almost never a bad Spiderman pic as long as the symbiotes involved.