Monday, August 27, 2012

Smallville: Top 5 Of Season Three

      After the lighter tones of the first two Smallville seasons, season three took a dark turn for most of our main characters. It seemed as though every other episode would have someone facing his or her inner demons or struggling through a surprisingly depressing story. That being said, it still produced great episodes, some of which are considered the best of the series, like these five:

5. Perry
      This episode featured the first appearance of (you guessed it) Perry White. This version of the character, however, is not like any other Perry Whites we’ve encountered in past media. Being recently fired from the Daily Planet and working for a low rated television studio that hunts the bizarre and unexplained, Mr. White becomes an alcoholic and almost hits Clark with his car. Half awake, White witnesses Clark’s display of powers and spends the rest of the episode trying to prove it. Clark however experiences power glitches due to a solar flare on the sun, which lead to some pretty good misuses of his abilities. White is an episode that introduces a new take on a classic character (something Smallville does a lot in the later seasons), includes action and comedy making it a good Smallville episode.
Favorite Moment: Clark struggles to lift a tractor thanks to the flare, then his powers go into overdrive as he accidentally launches the tractor a few miles away, landing right in front of the nosy Mr. White.

4. Exile
       Clark’s rebellious attitude is displayed at its finest in Exile. Having been exposed to red kryptonite for the past 3 months, Clark grows more and more careless. His judgment and well-being for others is compromised making him do unusual things such as rob a bank and even evade the police. This episode is a great representation of the danger Clark poses to the world should he ever lose sight of what’s right and wrong, not to mention this is a rare glimpse at an “evil” Clark; something we only see a handful of times during the show, but it is used perfectly here. We are also given a teaser into Lex’s delusions as he slowly loses his grip on reality.
Favorite Moment: A gang of clown mask-wearing criminals intends to rob a bank (where have I seen this before?) but a red kryptonite wearing Clark plans to take the money for himself and will take down anyone in his way.

3. Crisis
       In a show like this, or others like it, when an topic such as time travel is brought up, it can be very risky to attempt to introduce it. It can end up destroying the entire episode or even take over the story until it becomes one giant mess (as most time stories are), but Smallville found a great way to include time travel without allowing it to take over. When a phone call from Lana in the future reaches Clark in the present, Clark must do what he can to prevent Lana from ever getting into the situation that ends her life in the future. Watching all the questions unfold throughout the episode was really interesting and much more enjoyable to watch then your average story.
Favorite Moment: Clark saves Lana’s life, just in time… pun intended.

2. Shattered
      Since Lex returned from being stranded on a deserted island at the start of the season, his mental stability has been, to say the least, a little off. He begins to hallucinate and see things that aren’t really there, people who should be dead. This illness eventually gets him into trouble and in his current condition, forces Clark to step in. As a viewer, I wasn’t sure if what I was watching was real or not, due to the entire show coming from Lex’s perspective and the constant mystery kept me entertained. Upon my first viewing I believed this mental condition would be a gateway into Lex’s evil future. While I wasn’t entirely right, the episode sure didn’t bode well for Lex’s “good” side.
Favorite Moment: Clark is hit by a car, shattering it, with Lex as a witness. But thanks to Lex’s condition he could never fully prove what he saw.

1. Asylum
      Taking place just after the Shattered episode, Lex is confided to an asylum, specializing in studying people effected by the meteor rocks. Three people specifically are people Clark put away after defeating them in past episodes. They all work together to lure Clark into a trap after Clark works to break Lex out. Lex however, is desperately trying to escape for fear of being turned into a vegetable by his father’s experiments. Clark’s powers are stolen from him once again, but he is able to bounce back and retrieve his powers and save the day, but did he save Lex? Watch it and find out.
Favorite Moment: The transfer of Clark’s powers with the help of kryptonite and electricity is certainly a spectacle. Even for a television show, it looks pretty cool.

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