Friday, August 10, 2012

Spider-Man: What We Want From "Amazing 2"

      It appears that The Amazing Spiderman didn’t do as well as some of us hoped it would at the box office. Some people may have just assumed it was going to be bad just because it was a reboot, which led to a negative attitude when they saw the film, resulting in a poor review given by that person, etc. I for one thought the film was really well done, and after looking past all the controversy, the doubts, the dislikes, and the haters it really is a good film. Dark and edgy with some light-hearted, funny moments, but I’m more concerned with where this franchise will go. Considering the majority of the public found more bad things with the movie then good, its up to the writers of the sequel to really step it up and prove the public wrong. I will explore some of the key elements of Spiderman’s rich history that should be introduced in the sequel as well as what I would personally like to see: (some minor spoilers follow)

-       Once we found out that Gwen Stacy would be the love interest of the film instead of Mary Jane we all just assumed we would see her meet her demise atop a familiar bridge at the hands of a familiar foe on a flying glider, but once the movie ended we realized we were mistaken, but that doesn’t mean it wont happen eventually. The film has already established that Norman Osborn will potentially play a substantial role either in the second or third film, which is why I believe that introducing Mary Jane in number 2, will pave way for Gwen’s end, either at the end of 2, or some time in 3. As much as we Spidey fans love us some “love triangles”, we do remember that Spiderman 3 didn’t do a great job with it, which is why if one is attempted in this franchise, maybe they take a different approach at it.
-       I couldn’t help but notice that there was no mention of the Daily Bugle. Hell, Jolly Jonah Jameson is almost as recognizable a character as Peter himself. I definitely missed seeing his rude comments and hilarious work environment in the original trilogy so I’m hoping they can somehow work the Daily Bugle into the story of the sequel.

-       One thing that did annoy me a bit about the film was the lack of “untold story” I saw, and how much “told story” I did see. They gave us a sneak peek at the life and disappearance of his parents, but I feel that they may no have given us enough. One thing I will say about this topic is that we need to see a heck of a lot more of the mysteries of his parents come May 2014.

-       Fan reactions weren’t too positive when the look of the costume was released. Now I’m very nostalgic and I’m crazy about the original threads, but even I was able to see some attractiveness to the new suit. Perhaps a little too “retro” for most fan’s taste, which is why I’ve come up with a brilliant solution. Come 2014, Peter will have been Spiderman for quite a while, and maybe in that time he has altered his original designs, perfected them (when I say “perfected” I mean that he could adjust it to look more like the original from back in the day… oohhh).
-       There is much speculation flying around the Internet concerning the arrival of the Green Goblin to the franchise and whether or not they will follow the trend of The Dark Knight films. TDK used some “less” popular villains in the first movie (Scarecrow, Ra’s Al Gul) and used Batman’s greatest villain in the sequel (Joker). So Spidey has kind of done the same, lesser known in the first (Lizard) and maybe a bigger one in the second (Goblin, get it?) I believe this would be a mistake. Yes, TDK is the greatest movie of all time (did I say that?) but after using his greatest foe in the second film, I guarantee they struggled to find a villain to surpass The Joker. Now while Bane was very good, he was no where near the same presence on screen as The Joker, which is why I say you hold off on Spidey’s ”greatest foe” for just one more film and end the trilogy on the highest note (assuming they only do three that is).

-       Having said that, some possible villains do come to mind that could work perfectly. Chameleon brings that mystery, investigative storyline with him and he is someone who could be tied in with Peter’s parents. Many have suggested that the “mysterious” figure after the credits of the film (who remarkably entered and exited a closed jail cell) was in fact Mysterio, a villain who could be pretty cool if done seriously and who knows, maybe he could know real magic this time around (Shattered Dimensions anyone?). And finally, Kraven, a hunter in a universe where cross-species genetics is real. A villain who could open doorways to other villains in Spidey’s rogue gallery, or who could even hunt Spidey himself.

     Of course, all of this is purely speculation, and mostly what is want to see from the sequel, although I must admit that none of these topics appear too extreme to use in the Amazing Spiderman sequels, in fact some of them are actually pretty good. Now if only I could somehow send these to Marvel Studios… oh well, I guess we’ll have to just wait and see.

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