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"Amazing", Revolutionary: The Best Of Spidey's Games

       After playing and completing The Amazing Spiderman game for my Xbox 360 I realized how spectacular and revolutionary this game is and will be for future games, so I took a look at previous Spiderman games that were spectacular and/or revolutionary. They’re also just personal favorites of mine and if you (for some strange reason) haven’t gotten the chance to play any of the Webhead’s games listed below then go out, buy it, play it and enjoy it (but first finish this article).

Spiderman (PS1)
       By today’s standards this game wouldn’t seem so spectacular, but this is the first Spidey game of the “new” consoles and included the use of web-slinging from building to building, chasing a villain across several rooftops, a large number of levels and an even bigger roster of villains such as the Scorpion, Venom, Rhino and the Black Cat, along with two surprise villains at the end (I wont give it away). It has also been said that this game is supposed to take place during the 90’s Spiderman cartoon due to the fact that all of the characters are designed like the show. It was enjoyable because it was unique for its time. Like I said before, it wouldn’t be considered great by today’s expectations but I defy any true Spiderman fan to not have fun while playing this game. Plus, you have like 20 bonus costumes to choose from, it’s a little ridiculous, but awesome. So if you have not played this one, talk to a friend obsessed with superheroes, go through his stash of old videogames he wishes he wanted to play again but doesn’t, and try it out for yourselves.
Favorite Moment: You and the surprise villain must battle it out at the end, resulting in you fleeing for your life. That, and being able to select 20 other costumes including the classic symbiote.

Spiderman 2: The Game (PS2)
      The phrase “does whatever a spider can” never fully applied to the Spiderman videogames… until this one. Finally, you can set foot on the ground, interact with the people and objects on the ground, stop crimes on the ground! Don’t judge me, cause this was a pretty big chapter in the Webhead’s videogame career. You could go anywhere and do anything over the entire city. The graphics and the game play were a huge difference between the first two Spiderman movie games, and the swinging involved in this one set the bar for future Spiderman open-world games. The game is loosely based on the film and features guest appearances from Shocker and Mysterio, and Rhino and Black Cat (again!). The fighting however is really simple, meaning you hitting an enemy as you, and that enemy, progressively float higher and higher into the air until he “dies”, but that’s fine because the main focus is the open-world, go anywhere concept and the swinging.
Favorite Moment: Just like in the movie, the battle with Dr. Octopus on the train is just as entertaining, but for me personally, it’s climbing all the way to the very top of the Empire State Building, diving off and seeing how close I can get to the ground before needing to shoot a web.

Ultimate Spiderman (PS2)
       If you’re a fan of the Ultimate Spiderman comics then you will love this game. It literally presents the feel of a comic strip, jumping from panel to panel as the story progresses and as you battle your way through it as both Spiderman and Venom… yes, Venom! This game has successfully integrated a way to play as the world’s favorite symbiote. Some missions will allow you to be old Webhead as you battle classic foes like the Beetle and, you guessed it, Rhino. While Venom allows you quick travel and powerful attacks as you feed on innocent civilians and soldiers to survive. Ultimate Spiderman takes you through the Venom Saga of the Ultimate universe in the form of a videogame with enjoyable gameplay, fun “cartoony” graphics and epic boss battles. Even if you haven’t read the Ultimate comics I still recommend this game… it’s “ultimate”!
Favorite Moment: When Venom tosses a motorcycle into a bar, the bike happens to belong to none other then Wolverine, who doesn’t appreciate what Venom just did to his ride.

Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions (Xbox 360)
        Say goodbye to open world gameplay, at least for now anyway. But just when I thought the developers couldn’t get any more brainless, they come back and totally redeem themselves! There is still a fluid motion of movement and swinging within a sectioned off area. The real treat of this game was that fact that it splits off into four different dimensions, each with their own Spiderman. Amazing: web-based attacks, 2099: futuristic environment with acrobatic attacks and the ability to slow down time, Ultimate: harness the explosive power of the black suit, and finally Noir: not very strong, but with the help of shadows and stealth the criminals of the 1940’s don’t stand a chance. Each of the storylines are divided into chapters, levels each involving one villain to which the level is designed after. With four individual, fun and “amazing” Spidermen to play as, this game does not bore the player easily and it is arguably one of the greatest Spiderman games ever created. Plus, each web-slinger comes with four extra costumes (man, I love unlocking those extra costumes).
Favorite Moment: Whenever you enter the freefall mode in 2099 or when you enter Rage mode as the Ultimate Spidey and destroy everything in your path!

The Amazing Spiderman (Xbox 360)
       Two years in the making, all I can say is… well worth it. This game effectively combines the closed, sectioned off gameplay of Shattered Dimensions and Edge Of Time with the swingin’, open-world New York City that we all know and love. Now I could go on four hours explaining my love for the swinging in the new game, but instead ill just sum it up in a few points:

-       Closer camera allows you to feel like Spidey himself.
-       A camera with a lot of motion gives you “realistic” web-swinging.
-       The web rush allows you to travel faster and more accurately. Everywhere is accessible with the new web rush feature, and I mean everywhere.

The swinging, along with some redesigned villains like Scorpion, Rhino (guys in almost as videogames as Spidey) and Felicia Hardy make this game a spectacular experience. The graphics look fantastic, especially the Webhead himself; the design of his suit is very detailed. Speaking of suits, there are more unlockables to use in the game, some even cooler then the movie’s original version. All of this and so much more makes The Amazing Spiderman one of the coolest and most enjoyable Spidey games to date. Also, you play as Stan Lee, what can be better then that? Check it out for yourselves, “true believers!”
Favorite Moment: I wont give away any details but the most epic part of this game was battling a giant “Spider-Slayer” robot the size of Oscorp. Words cannot describe. 

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