Monday, July 16, 2012

Superman, Where Have You Gone?

     I do realize that Superman is coming out with a new movie only a year from now, and it appears to be doing all of the things necessary to make a good Superman film, which we have not seen since around the time AC/DC released ‘Back In Black’ (that’s a long time folks), but hopefully The Man Of Steel delivers in 2013. Personally, I think The Last Son Of Krypton has to take another approach if he wants to win back the hearts of beloved DC fans. I’m talking about a new animated series, focused purely on life of Clark Kent and Superman.

     Whenever I hear the word Superman the majority of my brain thinks back to the classic animated series of the 90’s. Why? Because its one of the best superhero cartoons ever (up there with it’s Batman counterpart) and it got everything about Superman’s universe right. His supporting cast, his villains, Metropolis, his origins and Superman himself were all perfect representations of the characters and I would like to see something like that again. I find that cartoons about superheroes are trying to “spice things up” nowadays; Batman teams up with a new superhero in every episode, Spiderman joining a team of other teenage heroes under the watch of SHIELD. Some of those ideas work to a point, but when it comes down to it fans eventually want to see the personal experiences of those characters, something we haven’t seen from Superman in cartoons for a long time.

     Lately, Superman appears to just be making guest appearances on other hero’s cartoons and only starring in a handful of the DC Animated films, but I want to see more of the character, which is why I ask the question: Superman, where have you gone? The Man Of Steel movie coming out next year is a start to reintroducing him to fans and I hope the movie sparks DC into giving Superman his own animated TV show again, and one that will stick to the basics of the character (show us Clark at the Daily Planet, his personal problems and not just Superman action all the time. Basically what the 90’s show was about). It’s been over a decade since we saw this character in his own animated series, and I think it’s about time we saw him again, don’t you?

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