Thursday, July 12, 2012

Smallville: Top 5 Of Season Two

      Season Two introduces Clark to a new ability, to new clues about his past, to the meeting of a true legend, a friend to the secret and much more. This season is one of the best, start to finish, with season-long story arcs and amazing special effects that surpass anything in the previous year. I recommend you watch these episodes listed below if you haven’t already and you’ll agree that season two is spectacular.

5. Vortex
      This season picks up exactly where the last one ended; Clark valiantly rushes into a large tornado to save Lana. Clark and Lex then work together to find the missing Jonathan Kent and a reporter threatening to reveal Clark’s secret. The action at the beginning was cool, with Clark and Lana inside her truck, being whipped around inside the tornado. Vortex is one of those episodes that wouldn’t appear to stand out from the rest, but that’s because it was a ”classic Smallville episode”, which deserves a spot among the top 5.
Favorite Moment: When Clark saves Lana from the giant tornado, of coarse.

4. Insurgence
        Clark Kent, afraid of heights? Yes, its true, but Clark soon has to overcome his fear when he is forced to make an incredible leap from the top of the Daily Planet building to LuthorCorp in order to save his mother and Lionel Luthor, currently held hostage in Lionel’s office. It’s a good hostage story with many mysteries surrounding why the thieves are there and what Lionel’s involvement with them is, and watching Clark try on several accounts to enter the building and eventually make the leap was very exciting. It is normally the best moments of the show when Clark learns a new ability or puts his current abilities to the test, like he did in this episode.
Favorite Moment: Clark leaps across the street from the Daily Planet and just barely makes it through a window of LuthorCorp.

3. Exodus
      In the season finale Clark has an interesting conversation with his biological father, Jor-el, via the spaceship that brought him to Earth. Jor-el tells him that unless he does what he says and fulfils his destiny, then those closest to him will be in danger. So instead of doing the responsible thing or just listen to his father, Clark takes a kryptonite key and inserts it into the ship, destroying it and causes a large shockwave that hits Jonathan and Martha Kent and killing the baby (oh, did I mention Martha’s pregnant at this point?). Clark’s parents feel he is partially responsible for the baby’s death and feel he made a very bad decision. Clark, stricken with guilt, uses red kryptonite and flees Smallville and heads for Metropolis.
Favorite Moment: The visual effects of the kryptonite effecting Clark and the spaceship exploding were great. One of the best moments of the season.

2. Suspect
Everyone loves a good murder mystery, who done it story and I’m thankful Smallville successfully created a good one. After Lionel Luthor is shot in his mansion, Jonathan Kent is framed for the assault, but as the episode progresses more suspects arise and Clark and Pete investigate the clues, risking their lives but eventually solving the mystery and clearing his father’s name. There haven’t been too many smart, thrilling, mysterious episodes like this one, which is why Suspect is so unique and one of the best of the season.
Favorite Moment: Clark and Pete are getting close to discovering who tried to kill Lionel, so a sniper shoots Pete’s car after it’s run off the road, and Clark saves Pete by rushing him out of the car as it explodes right behind them.

1. Rosetta
      Most great episodes feature great guest stars playing great characters, and Rosetta may be one of the greatest, most toughing stories of the entire series. Christopher Reeve guest stars as Dr. Virgil Swann, a scientist who has discovered hidden messages from Krypton and after he contacts Clark, they meet and Clark soon discovers more about his home planet. Rosetta contains so many great moments, some of which dive into Clark’s origin and give us sneak peeks at what’s to come in future episodes, and it also guest starred a legend.
Favorite Moment: The meeting of Clark and Dr. Swann (Reeve and Welling) represented almost a passing of the torch from one Superman to another.

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