Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Review Of "The Amazing Spider-Man"

      This movie is what you would expect just by hearing the title, amazing! For one thing, all of the actors played their roles incredibly like Rhys Ifans who effectively portrays the determined scientist mentor to Peter, as well as the mad man, bent on “evolving” the human race. Andrew Garfield brings a realistic, modern approach to Peter Parker and was even a humorous Spidey at times. He does a great job of drawing the audience into his characters problems and making us care for him. Emma Stone represents a likable Gwen Stacey and had good scenes interacting with Garfield. She was an intrical part to the story, as well as her father George Stacey, captain of the NYPD and played by Denis Leary, who also brought a bit of humor to his character.

        Spiderman, this time around, appears to be a little less “powerful” then in the Raimi films and a little more grounded, which fit well with the modern representation of the film. He does appear to be very acrobatic making for some cool stunts and exciting fight scenes. The visual effects were amazing and the Lizard looked great. The fights between he and Spiderman were done well visually and the constant motion and involvement of the camera added to the intensity and coolness of the fight. The first-person Spidey scenes were short and fast, but were effective in drawing the audience into the action and giving us quick glimpses of the world through the Webhead’s eyes.

       Some of the slower scenes seemed to have dragged on a little bit, not because they were too long, but because their would be one slow scene after another. Then again, if it were all fast-paced it wouldn’t have been very good at all so I guess it works out. The action scenes made up for those anyway. The origin may have been a little familiar, but some slight changes made it worth seeing again and the mystery of the disappearance of Peter’s parents is examined, but not fully explained (possibly because they are leaving some of the mysteriousness for future sequels).

      After viewing The Amazing Spiderman I’d say that it was just as good as the first two Raimi films, if not slightly better. When you see the film don’t picture it as a “remake” of the original trilogy, but rather as a fresh start, a new beginning in Spiderman’s saga. I’m highly anxious to hear any news about this film’s sequel and I can’t wait until it’s released. It could be possible though that there is more to Peter’s parents then we ever anticipated or that it may not have happened by chance that young Peter was the one to get bit by that spider, but we’ll just have to see in the sequel. All I’ll say is stay until after the initial credits; the scene is short, but very, very sweet. Oh and Stan Lee makes yet another cameo appearance, and it is his best and funniest one yet. But don’t just sit around reading about The Amazing Spiderman movie, go and see it for yourself!

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