Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises- To Epic Proportions

      The Dark Knight Rises may very well be one of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen, but I’m getting ahead of myself. The story was gripping putting Gotham City in the hands of yet another madman, forcing Batman to save it from certain destruction. And the city is certainly in danger this time around and making Batman take to some unlikely allies in order to save it. The score, music and bass add to the intensity and give viewers an excessive amount of goosebumps (or was it just me?) A very big thanks to Hans Zimmer for the chilling sounds.

    Christian Bale’s great portrayal of an older, beaten Bruce Wayne, who must train to comeback to battle one of his greatest enemy Bane, is by far his best performance of the trilogy and only adds to the dramatic and intense moments of the film. On the other hand we have Tom Hardy who also played his role of the “unbeatable” Bane quite nicely, may not have been as intriguing as Ledger’s Joker, was still a great villain who should not be taken for granted mentally and especially physically. Bane’s character is explored deeply, as he was in his initial comic debut, which only added to his appeal on screen. Many believed that Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle would “ruin the feel of the film”. While she didn’t necessarily steal the show, her character was interesting, enjoyable to watch of course, and “anti-hero” you can cheer for and above all, a positive addition to the series. John Blake was a well-used addition to the film’s universe. While Bruce Wayne was off doing (well I cant say specifically what without ruining the plot but it was important no doubt) Blake remained in Gotham, dealing the problems closer to home. Blake acts as the “second hero” and the second protagonist that fans will soon enjoy watching and hope comes out victorious.

      All in all, The Dark Knight Rises was very close to The Dark Knight in terms of “greatness” and is considered a completely awesome movie, Batman fan or not. It is without a doubt the second greatest superhero movie (behind TDK of course) and is the most thrilling and intense of all three Batman films. Any true Batman fan will completely fall in love with this picture and any non-superhero fan cannot deny that this movie is something to behold. 

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